Yulin Jia - Research Plant Molecular Pathologist

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Phone: 870-672-9300 ext 229 (Office), 870-672-9300 ext 238/239 (Lab)
Address: 1890 HWY 130 E I Stuttgart AR 72160
Email: yulin.jia@ars.usda.gov


Adjunct Associate Professor with Department of Plant Pathology, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

 Cluster Identification:
- Plant Interactions with Other Organisms Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
- Abiotic Stress
- Fungal Genetics/Fungal Toxins
- Gene Regulation & Signal Transduction
- Plant Genetics/Breeding
- Plant-Microbe Interactions
- Transcriptomics

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Research Summary:

Research in my lab is focused on gene discovery and utilization including the development of molecular markers to accelerate breeding efforts for improved stress resistance using marker assisted breeding (MAS).  A major emphasis is to elucidate co-evoultion of the rice Pi-ta resistance gene with the corresponding avirulence gene AVR-Pita1 in Magnaporthe oryzae, and identification and mapping sheath blight resistant QTLs.  Specific aims are: (1) develop robust pathogenicity assays of rice blast and sheath blight to facilitate the isolation of differentially expressed genes, and (2) determine defense signaling networks by DNA microarray and/or serial analysis of gene expression and/or sequence analysis of differentially expressed genes from subtracted DNA libraries after rice is challenged either with sheath blight or rice blast pathogens, and (3) identification of critical genes involved in host-pathogen interactions using RNAseq and mutmap with next gen sequencing, (4) identify and verify genes that are induced or suppressed upon pathogen infection on the transcript level by RT-PCR and real time PCR. Induced plant genes in resistant and susceptible rice germplasm will be analyzed to facilitate molecular marker development for breeding for improved stress resistance using MAS. 

Selected Publications:

Amei, A., Lee, S., Mysore, K., Jia, Y. 2014.  Statistical Inference of Selection and Divergence of the Rice Blast Resistance Gene Pi-ta. G3-Genes, Genomics and Genetics.  Early Online October 21, doi:10.1534/g3.114.014969.

Venu RC, Ma J, Jia Y, Liu G, Jia MH, et al. 2014. Identification of Candidate Genes Associated with Positive and Negative Heterosis in Rice. PLoS ONE 9(4):e95178. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095178.

Lee, S., Jia, M.H., Jia, Y., Yulin Jia and Liu, G.  2014. Tagging quantitative trait loci for heading date and plant height in important breeding parents of rice (Oryza sativa). Euphytica 197:191–200.

Xing, J., Jia, Y., Correll, J. C., Lee, F. N., Cartwright, R., Cao, M., and Yuan, L. 2013. Analysis of genetic and molecular identity among field isolates of the rice blast fungus with an international differential system, Rep-PCR, and DNA sequencing. Plant Dis. 97:491-495.

RoyChowdhury, M., Jia, Y., Jia, M. H., Fjellstrom, R., and Cartwright, R. D. 2012. Identification of the rice blast resistance gene Pib in the National Small Grains Collection. Phytopathology 102:700-706.

Chodavarapu, R.K., Feng, S., Ding, B., Simon, S.A., Lopez, D., Jia, Y., Wang, G.-L., Meyers, B.C., Jacobsen, S.E., and Pellegrini, M.  2012. Transcriptome and methylome interactions in rice hybrids.  PNAS 109:12040-12045.

Lab Members:

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Key Collaborators

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Research Projects

The MPP members provide unique and highly specialized skills in the areas of plant pathology and molecular biology of host genetic resistance, host-pathogen interactions, and genomics at the DB NRRC. The current projects are:

· Investigate genes involved in host-pathogen interactions leading to blast resistance responses

· Develop a perfect DNA marker for an effective blast resistance gene.  In collaboration with EPAGRI, Brazil (http://www.epagri.sc.gov.br/?page_id=2099)

· Develop novel methods to improve blast resistance in US breeding programs.  Project supported by USDA-NIFA (http://vivo.usda.gov/display/NIFA-0231543-PROJ

· Fine map a major sheath blight resistant quantitative trait loci (QTL)

· Develop new methods for quantifying minor gene differences controlling resistance to rice sheath blight disease

· Determine genome sequences of two field isolates of rice sheath blight pathogen (R. solani).  Project supported by NSF and State of Arkansas  (http://www.plantpoweredproduction.com)

· Develop a controlled inoculation for rice false smut disease for germplasm screening

· Understand evolutionary basis of weedy red rice for crop protection and weed management.  Project supported by NSF (https://www.bio.umass.edu/weedy-rice

· Develop effective screening and molecular markers for identifying genetic resistance to rice bacterial panicle blight.  Project supported by Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board (http://www.arkrice.org)

· Identify genetic and epigenetic controls for disease resistance and yield potentials.  Project funded by NSF (https://www.collectiveip.com/grants/NSF:0701745)

· Develop genetic stocks and mapping populations of rice (GSOR).