Maureen Dolan - Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Phone: 870-680-4359 (Office)
Address: Arkansas Biosciences Institute I Arkansas State University I P.O. Box 639 I State University AR 72467


Arkansas State University: Department of Biological Sciences I Arkansas Biosciences Institute

Cluster Identification:
- Plant Productivity 'Set-Points' Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
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Research Summary:

Dolan's academic research interests focus on the use of plants as "factories" for producing proteins and subunit vaccines with applications to improving both human and animal health.  Formally trained as a molecular biologist, she has been active in the development and application of new molecular technologies for improved test platforms used in the food industry.  Dolan has co-founded several companies including a molecular diagnostic development company, Applied Food Technologies, Inc., that develops PCR-based fish species identification tests for the commercial seafood industry.  With a passion for sharing "cool science" with the next generation, Dr. Dolan is actively involved in developing biotechnology-focused K-12 instructionals, providing professional development workshops for teachers and currently serves as the Faculty Advisor of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute Biotechnology Outreach Program at ASU and actively involved in the P3 Educational Outreach  efforts.

Selected Publications:

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Lab Members:

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Key Collaborators

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Research Projects

- Transgenic plants for the production of high-value human proteins targeted for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapeutics.
- Designing molecular-based high throughput diagnostics for plant and food industries.
- Characterizing plant gene promoter occupancy in planta in efforts to design more robust promoters for expression of human proteins in transgenic plants.