Ioannis E. Tzanetakis - Associate Professor

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Phone: 479-575-3180 (Office) I 479-575-7601 (Fax)
Address: University of Arkansas I Plant Sciences Building 213 I 495 N Campus Dr I Fayetteville AR 72701


University of Arkansas, Plant Pathology

 Cluster Identification:
- Plant Interactions with Other Organisms Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
- Bioinformatics
- Plant-Microbe Interactions

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Research Summary:

Small fruits virus diseases have been understudied and several new virus complexes have emerged in the last decade causing detrimental losses.  One of the goals of our research is to understand the epidemiology of small fruit virus complexes and implement cultural and pest management strategies to minimize disease impact.  Blackberry yellow vein disease (BYVD) and diseases associated with graft transmissible agents in blueberry are two major projects in progress in our laboratory.  BYVD is a devastating disorder that causes major losses in blackberry in the Southern United States.  More than 12 new and old viruses are involved in the disorder and we are collaborating with scientists in Oregon, California, Mississippi and the Carolinas to understand the epidemiology of each virus involved in disease development.  On blueberry we are working with the effects of Blueberry mosaic and Tobacco ringspot viruses on plant establishment and long term viability. 

We have several projects on ornamental viruses, especially those belonging to the genus Emaravirus, negative-strand RNA viruses that replicate in their mite vectors.  We use four emaravirus species in our efforts to understand the virus-vector interactions and the role of virus genes in replication and disease onset.

Soybean, the most important crop for Arkansas, suffers significant losses due to virus infection.  We are working on vein necrosis virus, the most widespread soybean virus in the United States.  Our work on this virus focuses on the virus epidemiology, identification of resistance in varieties and accessions and virus gene function in association to the necrosis symptoms often observed with vein necrosis infection.

Selected Publications:

Poudel, B., Wintermantel, W.M., Cortez, A.A., Ho, T., Khadgi, A. and Tzanetakis, I.E. 2013. Epidemiology of Blackberry yellow vein associated virus. Plant Disease 97: 1352-1357

Martin, R.R. and Tzanetakis, I.E. 2013. High risk strawberry viruses by region in the United States and Canada: Implications for certification, nurseries and fruit production. Plant Disease 97: 1358-1362

Zhou, J. and Tzanetakis, I.E. 2013. Epidemiology of Soybean vein necrosis associated virus. Phytopathology 103: 966-971

Tzanetakis I.E., Martin, R.R. and Wintermantel W.M. 2013.  Epidemiology of criniviruses, an emerging problem in world agriculture. Frontiers in Microbiology 4:119

Poudel, B., and Tzanetakis I.E. 2013. Population structure of blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus in the United States. Archives of Virology 158: 667-672

Abou Ghanem-Sabanadzovic, N., Tzanetakis, I.E., and Sabanadzovic, S. 2013. Rubus canadensis virus 1, a novel betaflexivirus identified in blackberry. Archives of Virology 158:445–449

Martin, R.R., MacFarlane, S., Sabanadzovic, S., Quito-Avila, D.F., Poudel, B., and Tzanetakis, I.E. 2013. Viruses and virus diseases of Rubus. Plant Disease 97:168-182.

Laney, A. G., Hassan, M. and Tzanetakis, I. E. 2012. An integrated badnavirus is prevalent in fig germplasm. Phytopathology 102: 1182-1189.

Martin, R.R., Polashock, J.J., and Tzanetakis, I.E. 2012. New and emerging viruses of blueberry and cranberry. Viruses 4: 2831-2852

Poudel, B., Sabanadzovic, S., Bujarski, J. and Tzanetakis I.E. 2012. Population structure of Blackberry yellow vein associated virus, an emerging crinivirus. Virus Research 169: 272–275

Laney, A.G., Avanzato M.V. and Tzanetakis I.E. 2012. High incidence of seed transmission of Papaya ringspot virus and Watermelon mosaic virus, two viruses newly identified in Robinia pseudoacacia. European Journal of Plant Pathology 134:227–230

Gratsia, Μ.Ε., Kyriakopoulou, P.E., Voloudakis, A.E., Fasseas, C. and Tzanetakis, Ι.Ε. 2012. First Report of Olive mild mosaic virus and Sowbane mosaic virus in Spinach in Greece. Plant Disease 96: 1230.

Lab Members:

Dr. Thanuja Thekke Veetil
Program Associate

Dr. Thien Ho
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Dr. Muhammad Shahid
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Graduate Students:  

Jing Zhou
PhD Student

Terea Stetina
PhD Student

Patrick DiBello 
MS student, (Cell and Molecular Biology)

Archana Khadgi
MS student, (Cell and Molecular Biology)

Key Collaborators

Research Projects

Soybean vein necrosis disease: Epidemiology