Fiona Goggin - Full Professor

Phone: 479-575-6751
Address: Department of Entomology I 319 Agriculture Building I University of Arkansas I Fayetteville AR 72701


University of Arkansas - Fayetteville: Entomology
Co-PI and Model 2 Lead of the Plant Imaging Consortium

Cluster Identification:
Plant Interactions with Other Organisms Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
Plant-insect interactions
Host plant resistance to insects and nematodes
Plant biotechnology

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Research Summary:

My research program is focused on plant defenses against herbivory, with an emphasis on mechanisms of resistance against vascular feeders such as aphids and root-knot nematodes. Vascular feeders can cause massive physiological changes in their host plant such as galling, and many of these herbivores are also important vectors of plant pathogens. Their interactions with plants are therefore important from both an ecological and a practical agricultural perspective. Despite this, relatively little is known about the physiological or molecular basis of plant responses to vascular herbivory. I am using tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and Arabidopsis thaliana as model systems to investigate this question, and to explore the relationship of plant defensive pathways induced by aphids and nematodes to plant defenses against other biotic and abiotic stresses. My laboratory studies both broad-spectrum, induced defenses against herbivores and isolate-specific, resistance-gene-mediated innate resistance, and utilizes molecular and genomic approaches to identify potential sources of resistance against insects.

Selected Publications:

Avila, C.A. , Arevalo-Soliz, M.A. , Lorence, A., and Goggin, F.L. 2013. Expression of α-DIOXYGENASE 1 in tomato and Arabidopsis contributes to plant defenses against aphids. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions, 26(8):977-86.

Avila, C.A., Arévalo-Soliz, L.M., Jia, L. , Navarre, D.A., Chen, Z., Howe, G.A., Meng, Q.W., E. Smith, J.E., and Goggin, F.L. 2012. Loss of function of FATTY ACID DESATURASE 7 in tomato enhances basal aphid resistance in a salicylate-dependent manner. Plant Physiology, 158: 2028-2041.

Wu, C. , Jia, L. , and Goggin, F.L. 2011. The reliability of TRV-based VIGS experiments in tomato is influenced by the size of the vector control. Molecular Plant Pathology, 12(3), 299-305.

Palliparrambil, R., Reese, J., Avila, C., Louis, J., & Goggin, F. L. 2010. Mi-mediated aphid resistance in tomato: tissue localization and impact on the feeding behavior of two potato aphid clones with differing levels of virulence. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 135: 295-307.

Goggin F. L., Avila, C. A., and Lorence, A. 2010. Vitamin C content in plants is modified by insects and influences susceptibility to herbivory. BioEssays, 32:777-790.

Francis, F., Guillonneau, F., Leprince, P., De Pauw, E., Haubruge, E., Jia, L. , and Goggin, F. L. 2010. Tritrophic interactions among Macrosiphum euphorbiae aphids, their host plants and endosymbionts: investigation by a proteomic approach. Journal of Insect Physiology 56: 575-585.

Suza, W. P., Avila, C.A., Carruthers, K., Kulkarni, S., Goggin, F. L., and Lorence, A. 2010. Exploring the impact of wounding and jasmonates on ascorbate metabolism. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 48: 337-350.


Lab Members:

Jiamei Li

PhD Student, Entomology

Janithri Wickramanayake

PhD Student, Entomology

Min Woo Lee

Post-doctoral Associate

Junhuan Xu

Post-doctoral Associate

Key Collaborators

Argelia Lorence, Arkansas State University l Applications of high-throughput phenotyping for stress response mutants

Harry Klee, Florida State University l Impact of altered plant volatile production on plant-aphid interactions


Research Projects

Analysis of the roles of fatty acid desaturases in regulating plant defenses against aphids