Burt Bluhm - Assistant Professor

Burt Bluhm
Phone: 479-575-2677 (Office)
Address: Department of Plant Pathology I Plant Sciences 217 I Fayetteville AR 72701
Email: bbluhm@uark.edu


University of Arkansas - Fayetteville: Plant Pathology

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Research Summary:

Complex, molecular-level interactions between plants and pathogens ultimately determine the extent to which disease develops.  Research in my lab takes systems-based approaches to characterize molecular mechanisms underlying diseases of crop species.   In general, our research addresses the following fundamental questions:

• How is pathogenesis regulated in fungi and what are the links between diverse components
of pathogenesis, e.g., morphological differentiation, conidiation, and secondary metabolism?
• What are the environmental cues that trigger pathogenesis in fungi and how are they
• To what extent is the genetic regulation of pathogenesis conserved among fungal
• How do plants respond to pathogens at the molecular level and what genes are involved?

We blend a wide range of techniques and approaches in our research, including conventional and molecular genetics, functional, comparative, and evolutionary genomics, analytical chemistry, and metabolomics to explore the basis of both fungal pathogenesis and host resistance.  Areas of particular interest include kernel-rotting diseases caused by mycotoxigenic fungi, such as Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium verticillioides, and Fusarium graminearum; foliar diseases caused by species of Cercospora, including C. zeae-maydis and C. kikuchii; and diseases caused by necrotrophic fungi, such as Botrytis cinerea. 

Selected Publications:

  • Horevaj, P., and Bluhm, BH. 2011.  BDM1 of Fusarium graminearum regulates virulence during infection of wheat and maize.  Molecular Plant Pathology (in press).
  • Kim H., Smith JE, Ridenour JB, Woloshuck CP, and Bluhm BH.  2011.  HXK1 regulates carbon metabolism, fungal development, fumonisin B1 production, and pathogenesis in Fusarium verticillioides.  Microbiology 157:2658-2669.
  • Goodwin SB, Ben M'Barek S, Dhillon B, Wittenberg AHJ, Crane CF, Van der Lee TAJ, Grimwood J, Aerts A, Antoniw J, Bailey A, Bluhm B, Bowler J, Bristow J, Canto-Canche B, Churchill A, Conde-Ferraez L, Cools H, Coutinho PM, Csukai M, Dehal P, De Wit P, Donzelli B, Foster AJ, Hammond-KOsack K, Hane J, Henrissat B, Kilian A, Koopmann E, Kourmpetis Y, Kuzniar A, Lindquist E, Lombard V, Maliepaard C, Martins N, Mehrabi R, Oliver R, Ponomarenko A, Rudd J, Salamov A, Schmutz J, Schouten JH, Shapiro H, Stergiopoulos I, Torriani SFF, Tu H, de Vries RP, Wiebenga A, Swiers LH, Grigoriev IV, Kema GHJ.  Finished Genome of Mycosphaerella graminicola Reveals Stealth Pathogenesis and Extreme Plasticity.  2011.  PLOS Genetics 7(6): e1002070. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1002070.
  • Horevaj P, Milus EA, and Bluhm BH. 2011.  A real-time qPCR assay to quantify Fusarium graminearum biomass in wheat kernels.  Journal of Applied Microbiology 111:396-406.
  • Kim H, Ridenour JB, Dunkle LD, and Bluhm BH.  2011.  Regulation of Stomatal Tropism and Infection by Light in Cercospora zeae-maydis: Evidence for Coordinated Host/pathogen Responses to Photoperiod?  PLOS pathogens 7 e1002113. Epub 2011 July 28.
  • Kim H, Ridenour JB, Dunkle LD, and Bluhm BH.  2011.  Regulation of pathogenesis by light in Cercospora zeae-maydis: an updated perspective. Plant Pathology Journal 27:103-109.
  • Smith JE, Lay JO, and Bluhm BH. 2011.  Metabolic fingerprinting reveals a new genetic linkage between ambient pH and metabolites associated with desiccation tolerance in Fusarium verticillioides.  Metabolomics DOI:  10.1007/s11306-011-0322-3.

Lab Members:

Jonathon Smith
PhD student (Plant Pathology)
jes002@uark.edu; 479-575-5375

Sandeep Sharma
PhD Student (Cell and Molecular Biology)
 sxs084@uark.edu; 479-575-5375

Jason Tipton
MS student (Plant Pathology)
jlt12@uark.edu; 479-575-5375

John Ridenour
MS student (Plant Pathology)
jridenou@uark.edu; 479-575-5375

Yamunarani Ramegowda, PhD
Technical Assistant II
ybramego@uark.edu; 479-575-5375

Nicholas Lawson

MS Student

nl001@uark.edu; 479-575-5375

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