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BioTech-iN-A-Box (Biotechnology Kit to deliver Biofuels & Electrophoresis Education)

“The P3 BTNB provides…a fully developed hands-on set of classroom activities that integrate current plant biotechnology techniques…In biofuels, environmental and agricultural sustainability…”

The P3 BTNB Biofuels provides the teacher and classroom with a fully developed hands-on set of classroom activities that integrate current plant biotechnology techniques with topical issues in biofuels, environmental and agricultural sustainability, and the Arkansas educational frameworks. The "box" includes all supplies, instruments, protocols, and a teacher's manual. The BTNB enables access to instrumentation typically beyond a teacher's budget, with instructions and protocols that ensure that both the equipment and experiments work in a grade-appropriate manner in the classroom. The kit is typically checked out for two weeks to a teacher and then resupplied for the next user. The teachers must be trained and certified for each BTNB.

Another resource available is the BTNB Electrophoresis Kit for the classroom. Electrophoresis has been a valuable molecular technique for scientists for over 40 years.  It allows scientists to separate molecules, such as DNA, RNA and proteins.  Bring it to your classroom!

BioFuels in a Box Kit

How do I check out a BTNB for my classroom?
Email Shea Harris, P3 Outeach Coordinator, or call 870-680-4340.




P3 YouTube Video Outreach Program

Biotechnology Tours

School Group Tours
Biotechnology is now impacting everything from the medicines we use to the food we eat. We would like to invite you and your school groups to visit the Arkanssa Biosciences Institute and the AR P3 Center Laboratories on the ASU campus and learn about some of the exciting new discoveries in the area of biotechnology that are going on right here in your community.

This is a two part science module geared towards middle and high school-aged students. This experience is intended to give your students an opportunity to see the workings of an active, high tech, research facility and to learn with a hands-on demo how scientists get DNA out of food we eat! 

This is an 1 1/2 hour tour where your students (maximum of 30) will be divided into two small groups for a tour and science demo. 


Shea Harris in Outreach Lab with K12 Students

Shea Harris in Outreach Lab with K12 Students

Tour, Part 1
The tour will expose your students to biotechnology research focused at the interface of agriculture, medicine and health. Your students will get a guided tour of the ABI that will include a birds-eye view of our transgenic plant facility and several of our laboratories as well as an overview of the on-going research at the ABI that is dedicated to improving the lives and health of all Arkansans.

Tour, Part 2
A hands-on-demonstration will introduce your students to some very basic molecular biology principles scientists use to extract DNA out of strawberries. This is an opportunity to take a fun exercise and give the students a practical application that integrates concepts from chemistry, biology and mathematics to pull DNA out of some common food that we eat.

 ASU ABI Tour Application

Outreach Opportunities at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville


Fiona Goggin Insect Festival & Entomology Outreach

Fiona Goggin Insect Festival & Entomology Outreach

AR P3 Center faculty at The University of Arkansas participates in the Insect Festival in Northwest Arkansas and provides entomology outreach programs for schools in the area.  For more information, contact Fiona Goggin.

Check out the Plant Clippings Outreach for cool plant links and teaching resources, or contact Lacy Nelson.  Plant Clippings is supported by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) Education Foundation and the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Arkansas.

University of Arkansas AR P3 Center faculty also participate in Career Days for area schools.  For more info, please contact Lacy Nelson.



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       Research Video Resources for the classroom:
       The Vitamin C Lab at P3
       Stilbenoid Symphony
       Tomato Time
       AR P3 Center Student Highlights

       P3 Guest Science Seminars:
       Karen Browning, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, ASU Campus Seminar 9/25/2013
       Keithanne Mockaitis, PhD, Indiana University, ASU Campus Seminar 10/16/2013


     Student & Educator Interactive Resources & Involvement

       P3 Online Student Professional Development Series, Fall 2013
       (All Sessions will be recorded and archived on P3 Education Outeach Page for reference)

       P3 Online Student Professional Development Series Recordings:
10 Essential Components of Great Science Presentations, 9/10/2013
       Fostering the Brand Called You, Holly Kathleen Hall, J.D., APR, 9/24/13
       Curriculum Vitae Basics, P3 YouTube Tuesday, 10/08/2013
       Curriculum Vitae Outline, P3 YouTube Tuesday, 10/08/2013
       Working Your Way Through College: The Benefits of Student Research & Outreach Programs - Overview, 10/22/2013
       ASSET Initiative Summer Research Internship Program, 10/24/2013
       Working Your Way Through College: The Benefits of Student Research & Outreach Programs - Presentations, 10/29/2013
       Working Your Way Through College: Volunteer Service/Outreach, 11/12/2013

       Bring A Scientist to Your Classroom!  
       To bring a scientist or educational program to your classroom, contact Shea Harris, today!

       Plant DNA a BioTech iN a Box project - Interactive Website for your classroom!
       Videos and interactive activities, online, to help teach DNA, DNA extraction and Plant Cells!

       Additional Science Education Resource Links:
       BitesizeBio Brain Food for Biologists

Mutant Millets from the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center - Attention High School Teachers! A new citizen science project opportunity is coming to Arkansas soon! For more details, please contact Shea Harris!

     P3 Broader Impacts

      • Arkansas statewide education and diversity outreach program committed to bringing plant powered solutions to Arkansas youth
        and underrepresented minorities
      • Over 3000 K-12 students exposed to P3 science each year through science nights, on-campus visits, hands-on experiments,
        and teaching modules annually
      • Plant BioTech – iN-a-Box exposes 10 AR school districts classrooms to homegrown plant and renewable energy research 
        from AR yearly
      • Provide cutting-edge science professional development workshops for Arkansas K-12 teachers
      • Established social media presence providing science expertise communication to all areas of Arkansas
      • Collaborative effort with Arkansas State University Center for Digital Initiatives provide online science learning tools
      • Our group contains collaborative groups of scientists, experienced educators, and state-administrators